The Search For A National Title

The Sacstart Grill is the most popular bar in town. But with the number of people that frequent the downtown area, how does it stand against other watering holes? Let’s find out. Sacstart features a great place to catch a brew on a cold winter’s night, as well as some of the best food around. It’s the perfect place to end your St Pat’s Day celebrations.

Post-Game: Once the ball has been thrown and chucked, head to the bar for some food and cold beer. This is where it all starts, with the beer. Dozens of patrons sit at a long table, drinking until it gets colder outside. As before, some players make their first sac start of the game since last year. The crowd starts gathering before the end of the game, and eventually there are a few dozen patrons in the line.

The crowd gets really into the game, though not enough to start a fight. A couple of rowdy guys get up from their seats to throw cans at each other from across the room. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. As the game winds down, the bartender walks up to the counter and places a shot glass in front of everyone. The coach of the team enters the room just as the ball stops going up. “Good game,” he says to the team, and everyone heads for the door.

The players all gather near the front, and the coach sits down behind them. “Guys, we have to go on,” he says. “It’s time to play some football.” The team stands and does a few laps around the room, passing the ball back and forth to keep their momentum high.

The game is pretty evenly balanced, even at the end. There are only a handful of teams that really push the advantage to their advantage. A couple of minutes later, the team takes the field again. This time around, the SAC is down and out. The coach decides to put two freshmen on the field.

“We have to win this game for our season,” he tells his team. They all head to the field to play another ball game, but this one ends with the defense winning yet again. The season is saved.

The SAC does not lose again in its next games. It wins three out of four. The season is saved. The coach decides to let the team keep the trophy, and he makes sure no one touches it during the celebration. That is how they keep it until the next season starts. That way, no team will get the chance to claim that championship.

The SAC has won the state championship again. And, it is easy for the team to keep winning. The season is the team’s best, but winning the state is even better. That way, the team can get a true national title. Now that is what every team wants: a national championship.